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About One Sky


Over 8 billion people live on this planet. Each of us see the same sun in the morning and the same moon and stars at night. We all bleed the same blood, smile with the same muscles, cry the same tears. Yet, every single person has their own unique experience of life on Earth.

One Sky Magazine was started by Olivia Wieseler, a former journalist and current communications coordinator, from northeast Nebraska. With her storytelling drive and appetite to travel, the concept for a magazine exploring every corner of the Earth and the people who live on it was born.

One Sky Magazine strives to tell as many of these individual stories as possible to understand how much we all share in the human experience. We want to know what makes us different and what makes us the same. We want to understand the world around us and see it through the perspectives of others. After all, how different can we all really be? We all live under one sky.

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